Sam's Turkey

I repainted/redecorated a room and found quite a few items stuck in a drawer. One of which was a great math worksheet of Sams from elementary school. He had drawn a bunch of turkeys (it was just before Thanksgiving) and one of them was this funny marching turkey. It reminds of the Pixar short, One for the Birds. Before doing this I met up with Dan, Scott and Ron at the fabulous Whip-In for a few brews. Ron was in Slacker and when Scotts wife Sheila found out she made sure that he brought her Slacker book to have Ron sign. I thought the book was going to be full of signatures but it turns out Ron was the first. We decided that each time we meet up we have to try to get another cast or crew member to join us so they can sign the book. I think we will have to lean heavily on Ron for this :) Here is a sketch of Ron drinking a Live Oak Pils.

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